Below you will find a portfolio of light painting animation works created by DARIUSTWIN. Each animation is composed of 500-1,000 long exposure, light painting photographs hand drawn on-site with light.


Love of Light (2018)

If you follow the light, love will find you. This is a stop motion light painting animation made up of 500 long exposure photographs drawn by hand with an LED light.

Music: East Forest and Keith Sweaty "Provenance (Remix)"


Kill the Lights (2017)

Shiny-bone Jones is back to light up the night in this follow-up to Light Goes On.

Featuring music by Snarky Puppy.


Lightspeed (2015)

'Lightspeed' is about morphing light-beings touring the state of California, the work consists of over 1000 hand-drawn long-exposure photographs shot on-location at night.

Featuring music by Dead Horse Beats.


Light Goes On (2013)

'Light Goes On' is about a skateboarding-skeleton that warps from the woods to shred the streets of Los Angeles in this 720 frame animated light-painting film shot on-location at night.

Featuring music by Gangplans.


Fish Food (2010)

'Fish Food' was a collaborative effort with San Diego based videographer Michael Brown that tells the illustrated tale of an age-old saying 'There's always a bigger fish'.

Featuring Music by Brenton Wood.