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Past collaborations:

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Brisk 'Night Light' - 2017

A light-inspired video project for Brisk featuring b-boying from RJ Puno, BMX tricks from Kris Fox, streetball moves from Mosquito, and light paintings from yours truly, streetwear styling by Rob Garcia, and OpTic gamer Hector Rodriguez. 


Apple Store Workshop - 2016

At the Apple Store on Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, CA I gave a presentation and workshop focusing on light-painting photography. I also demonstrated how users could light-paint using a long-exposure App (called NightCap Pro ) with the cameras on their iPhones.

After the presentation, some participants took a walk with me to the beach and did some hands-on light-painting:

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Los Angeles Football Club - 2016

LAFC had a light-painting photo booth where participants 'earned their wings'. Around 100 long exposure photos taken that night with groups of up to 10 people in the tent at a time. Each photo took about 15-60 seconds to create depending on how many in the group. It was a great crowd!

LAFC lightpainting photobooth
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Poler Stuff - 2015

Astrobandit and I did a little road-trip up the California coast with some of the coolest West-Coast camping gear we could get our hands on.

poler tent
poler napsacks
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Honda Civic "Today is Pretty Great" - RPA agency (2014)

Collaboration with 'Rabbit Content' Production company for a TV spot that aired during 2014

Here's the full National Ad spot:

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Natural History Museum in Los Angeles - Centennial event (2013)

Los Angeles NHM invited me for a short lecture on light-painting photography for the audience - I took some dinosaur requests.


Telling my first volunteer, "Point the LED light towards the lens of the camera".


After taking a request for a Mammoth skeleton.

Explaining the basics of Light-painting.

My volunteer's first-try creation - a very ambitious Jurassic Park logo!


After taking another audience request for a Raptor skeleton.

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Collaboration with BF Goodrich Tires - 'Awesome Cross' (2012)

A racetrack decked out with LED lights combined with souped-up LED cars and a few action-sport stars.. What could possibly go wrong?

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Collaboration with Reebok Shoes - Ultra-lightweight shoes (2011)

Promotion of Reebok Classic Lite shoes with light-art media.