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Past collaborations:

Apple Store Workshop - 2016

At the Apple Store on Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, CA I gave a presentation and workshop focusing on light-painting photography. I also demonstrated how users could light-paint using a long-exposure App (called NightCap Pro ) with the cameras on their iPhones.

After the presentation, some participants took a walk with me to the beach and did some hands-on light-painting:

Los Angeles Football Club - 2016

LAFC had a light-painting photo booth where participants 'earned their wings'. Around 100 long exposure photos taken that night with groups of up to 10 people in the tent at a time. Each photo took about 15-60 seconds to create depending on how many in the group. It was a great crowd!

LAFC lightpainting photobooth

Poler Stuff - 2015

Astrobandit and I did a little road-trip up the California coast with some of the coolest West-Coast camping gear we could get our hands on.

poler tent
poler napsacks

Honda Civic "Today is Pretty Great" - RPA agency (2014)

Collaboration with 'Rabbit Content' Production company for a TV spot that aired during 2014

Here's the full National Ad spot:


Natural History Museum in Los Angeles - Centennial event (2013)

Los Angeles NHM invited me for a short lecture on light-painting photography for the audience - I took some dinosaur requests.


Telling my first volunteer, "Point the LED light towards the lens of the camera".


After taking a request for a Mammoth skeleton.

Explaining the basics of Light-painting.

My volunteer's first-try creation - a very ambitious Jurassic Park logo!


After taking another audience request for a Raptor skeleton.

Collaboration with BF Goodrich Tires - 'Awesome Cross' (2012)

A racetrack decked out with LED lights combined with souped-up LED cars and a few action-sport stars.. What could possibly go wrong?


Collaboration with Reebok Shoes - Ultra-lightweight shoes (2011)

Promotion of Reebok Classic Lite shoes with light-art media.