Have an idea for commissioned artwork?

Drop me a line at, I'm happy to talk about it - you can view my general rates below.

If there's something you have in mind that doesn't fall into these categories - like text for instance - let me know, I am willing to negotiate per project.



Commission rates:

$500 (USD) per light-sculpture - limited to 5 light-sculptures in a single  image.

- Characters with more than 4 appendages are $100 extra.

- Multiple color light-sculptures are $100 extra

- Limited to 1 location and 1 night of shooting.

You choose the location:

Desert, Forest, Beach, or Graffiti-yard.


For a pencil-sketch of light-art concept before the shoot:

Add $150.

Add $50 for each revision to original concept sketch.


1 - 50% of total cost up-front (non-refundable). 50% on completion for high-res digital file (also non-refundable).
2 - Limited to one night of shooting.
3 - Proofs - digital delivery upon choice of image (if I do multiple takes, you'll receive contact sheet for final choice of print-ready file). 
You will get: one ~50mb super high-res TIFF file for printing just about any size you’d like.
4 - Darius Twin commissioned images are to be used for solely for non-commercial purposes. 


Terms are non-negotiable once work commences - ***There are no re-dos if you do not like the finished work.***


Darren Pearson