DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 11/21/14: Monday Wednesday Friday

Location: Trona Pinnacles, CA.

Settings: F6.3 ISO 100, 280 second exposure.

Monday is usually a bit of a drag, Wednesday picks up the pace and things start coming together, but Friday is when most people are feeling great. Here's to Friday, he's on the right with a big smile and thumbs up.

monday wednesday friday

Photo-Feature in special edition Shutterbug magazine

For this month and part of next month, I have a featured article in Shutterbug magazine's 'Expert Photo Techniques'.

It's a great read if you're into night photography! Interviews with veteran night-shooters Troy Paiva (Lost America) and Lance Keimig are also included in the same mag - an honor and a privilege to be in good company. Special thanks to the writer Jeff Wignall.

Click the image below for a readable .pdf version.

shutterbug feature

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 11/20/14: Dilophosaurus

Location: Partington Cove - Big Sur, CA.

Settings: F5.6 ISO 100, 239 second exposure.

The old lumber dock turned rum-runners tunnel still holds up after all these years (since purportedly the 1800's), I can only imagine all the wheel barrels full of booze that made their way through this sneaky corridor during prohibition. They had a long hike up a steep path, then must have headed North on a treacherous dirt road toward Monterey before the Pacific Coast Highway was built.


DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 11/19/14: Blue Wizards

Location: San Simeon, CA.

Settings: F3.5 ISO 3200, 15 second exposure.

If I could be any wizard, I would definitely be Merlin from the sword in the stone - what a cool dude. The quote that sticks with me is 'Blow me to Bermuda'. Genius.

blue wizards

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 11/18/14: Tropic of Cancer

Location: Partington Cove - Big Sur, CA.

Settings: F9 ISO 100, 171 second exposure.

A friend of mine recommended that I read Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller. I took his advice and read a poetic book about french prostitutes and Henry's fellow writers in Paris during the 1930's. It was a boring book, also difficult to follow and lacking cohesion. Looking back, the book itself and the writing within was not very important, it was the historic nature of it's wrinkle within civilization that made it notorious - it was banned in the US for thirty years until its publication in the early 1960's which led to obscenity trials that tested American laws on freedom of speech.

Sometimes we don't know what we are doing is important or worthwhile, but take it from Henry the crab - time and effort can reveal value - write on.

tropic of cancer

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 11/17/14: Midnight Tan

Location: Big Sur, CA.

Settings: (Composite of 2 images) - Stars at F2.8, ISO 3200, 72 second exposure; Light painting at F5.6 ISO 100, 182 second exposure.

Nestled along the central coast of California is an amazing place called Big Sur. Every time I visit I am reminded of how spirit-recharging it can be, and this time was no different.

I remember seeing something white, totally out of place along the side of the road while on my way down the winding pacific coast highway towards our campsite, but never would have guessed that it was the lounge chair you see pictured here! I pulled over at this viewpoint around midnight and had to see what the hell it was.. Maybe this chair was not out of place at all. Just look at those stars!

midnight tan

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 11/14/14: Pink Panther

Location: Trona, CA.

Settings: F6.3, ISO 100, 300 second exposure.

I've been on a pink things kick lately. Pink is not a color you see in nature very often, so it usually pops off of any background you throw at it.. Cue pink panther music.

pink panther

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 11/13/14: Come Alive

Location: Los Angeles, CA.

Settings: F16, ISO 100, 184 second exposure.

It's tough to compete with light pollution on this scale, so I don't really.. For an image like this, I've divide it into two parts - top third city and bottom two-thirds light art, you can't overlap these two subjects and get good results.

come alive

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 11/12/14: Distant Natives

Location: Trona Pinnacles, CA.

Settings: F5.6, ISO 100, 473 second exposure.

Sometimes I get asked - 'what light source are you using for your photos'? To answer that question - it varies based on what colors I use and what style I'm going for.

For something like this image, where I needed to switch between colors Red and Green easily, and have a light bright enough to compete with the full moon, I used a tool called the 'Spray RGB' from a company called 'Herramientas Lightpainting' based in Spain - they have a nice catalog of tools for different light-styles.

For more line-drawing designs, like the dinosaurs or skeletons I use a DIY device simply called the 'Light-Pen' - invented by none other than incredible light-artist Dana Maltby a.k.a - TCB (Twin Cities Brightest). It's a bright LED wired to a push-button switch in the shape of a pen.

To get your hands on one of these you would need to either A - build one yourself, or B email myself or Dana and have us build/ship you one.. Which I think both of us are willing to do, because we love light art and want to spread the gospel so to speak.


DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 11/11/14: Otherworldly Trona

Location: Trona Pinnacles, CA.

Settings: 246 images stacked at F2.8, ISO 800, 10 second exposures each.

While I love this image (and most star-stacked photos themselves) I can't help but think it's the most lazy form of photography there is.

Not in the sense that getting to where the photo should be taken is easy (it wasn't), but more in that the method of gathering images to stack is a no-brainer/hands off approach to photography - point the camera, correct the exposure, and continuously shoot while you sleep. Click the image for a bigger view (worth it).

otherworldly in trona

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 11/10/14: Nope

Location: Trona Pinnacles, CA.

Settings: F8, ISO 100, 314 second exposure.

Let me start off by saying the trip out to Trona Pinnacles should probably not be taken in a Toyota Carolla - there are plenty of large rocks to get snagged on in a lower clearance vehicle.. That said, if you're lucky and daring, you might be able to get there anyways. I only saw one tarantula while we were visiting, and it was crawling across the road on our way out.

Some of you may notice that this particular arachnid has ten legs and not the typical eight.. That's because in a delirious state I forgot that I had already light painted the second legs - and now it's what makes this spider unique and nope-worthy.


DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 11/7/14: The Empire Humps Back

Location: El Matador Beach - Malibu, CA.

Settings: F6.3, ISO 100, 208 second exposure.

I went down to El Matador beach last night and was expecting a mostly vacant shore, that's what I got at first. It was beautiful, the moonlight was bright enough so that I didn't need an LED to guide me down the cliff-side trail and the weather was mild due to a recent heat wave.. No sooner than I set up my camera, I saw about 60 people hiking down the same trail I had taken 15 minutes before. One of the leaders walked over to where I was shooting and gave me a little heads-up that they were doing some fraternity-type stuff.. Lots of yelling, etc. It was entertaining for me.

Light-painting is a secretive art-form in the sense that what you've created can't be seen in its entirety without a mechanism that puts space and time together. It's a 4D medium in the sense that it doesn't exist without Spacetime.

the empire humps back

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 11/6/14: Devil's Gate

Location: Arroyo Seco Park - Pasadena, CA.

Settings: F5.6, ISO 100, 121 second exposure.

I love the architecture of these old bridges in Pasadena, some of the lesser-seen features are still impressive, like this archway in particular. This is shot on a service road that you wouldn't see unless you were to hike up a small side trail.

devils gate

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 11/5/14: Keep Going

Location: Zabriskie Point - Death Valley, CA.

Settings: F5.6, ISO 100, 56 second exposure.

I'm working on an animated project to follow up last year's work 'Light Goes On'. It's quite a bit of work considering - an entire night of shooting yields about one second of useable footage. There's an old quote by Winston Churchill "If you're going through hell, keep going." - that's where this title comes from.

keep going

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 11/4/14: Pink Elephants

Location: Old LA Zoo - Griffith Park - Los Angeles, CA.

Settings: F5.6, ISO 100, 86 second exposure.

My grandfather would drive us to elementary school in the mornings when my Grandparents would visit . I remember he would start honking the car horn at seemingly nothing out of nowhere and say, "Did you see that?! A pink elephant!" - it kept us on our toes. Soon we were the ones saying "Did you see that?! So many pink elephants out today!". This one is for you Grandpa Joe.

pink elephant

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 11/3/14: Hey There

Location: Angeles Crest - Los Angeles, CA.

Settings: F9, ISO 100, 94 second exposure.

Had to stop off at this overlook during blue hour, you can see the slight fade of the sunset in clear patches of sky. It's not often that it actually rains in Los Angeles, so I had to take advantage of the reflective asphalt.

In other news, I just saw the film Nightcrawler last night, and was stoked to see so many great Los Angeles locations! Mt. Wilson, right around the area I shot this, was featured a handful of times. Solid story to the whole picture and a good take on violence coverage in the media. Overall, it's the best film I've seen this year and you should go see it.

hey there

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/31/14: Boo

Location: Pasadena, CA.

Settings: 16 shots at F7.1, ISO 100, ~50 seconds each exposure.

Happy Halloween!


DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/30/14: Deinocheirus

Location: Joshua Tree, CA.

Settings: F5.6, ISO 100, 412 second exposure.

This dinosaur has quite a story behind it. Deinocheirus is touted as the most weird looking dinosaur ever discovered. Its story begins for us in the 1960's when it was found as a pair of 8 foot long arms in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia. For 65 years the rest of it's body remained a mystery, until recently, 2 specimens were discovered nearly intact by a team of palaeontologists led by Yuong-Nam Lee from the Korea Institute of Geoscience & Mineral Resources. This dinosaur was nearly the size of a T-rex (11 meters long), had a large sail-like spiny back, bird-like mouth, giant hands with claws, and hoof-like feet. Click the image for a larger view.


DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/29/14: Cyan Skull

Location: Angeles Crest - Los Angeles, CA.

Settings: F5.6, ISO 250, 78 second exposure.

Another creation using light-painting brushes, which is one of the most useful light-painting inventions I've seen yet. Only a few days left til Halloween so this is when the skulls really start to come out. On a side note, we went out shooting with my friend TJ last night and this place is a popular spot for racing cars, so we constantly heard custom exhaust systems and saw headlights wrapping around corners at high speeds during the shoot.. Fast forward to leaving, and there's a two car accident down the road from where we were shooting. Be careful driving the 2 highway in the Angeles Crest mountains if you're in LA - Lots of idiots.

blue skull

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/28/14: Say Cheese

Location: Joshua Tree, CA.

Settings: F5.6, ISO 100, 271 second exposure.

Thank you fellow light artist Brian Hart for the suggestion to draw a block of swiss cheese in the desert, among some other very interesting suggestions that I may have to tackle later when more time allows.

say cheese

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/27/14: Nail in the Coffin

Location: Pioneer Town, CA.

Settings: F5.6, ISO 100, 165 second exposure.

I've been wanting to do one like this for a while now, was lucky enough to find a coffin that wasn't too lit up already.. It's pretty weird stepping into one of these at night!

nail in the coffin

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/24/14: Bear Dance

Location: Mt. Pinos - Frazier Park, CA.

Settings: F5.6, ISO 3200, 133 second exposure.

This seemed like the right thing to do when we kept hearing snapping branches in the distance.

bear dance

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/23/14: Pink Skull

Location: Los Angeles, CA.

Settings: F7.1, ISO 400, 58 second exposure.

Steady creeping.

pink skull

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/22/14: Midnight Runner

Location: Mt. Pinos - Frazier Park, CA.

Settings: F5, ISO 3200, 55 second exposure.

Fellow light-painter and innovator Jason Page was kind enough to send me a small package with his new invention "Light Painting Brushes" about a week ago, and I'm happy to give them a bit of a review here now that I've used them in the field.

At first look, I was a bit confused on how it all works, but after a few videos on the website at lightpaintingbrushes.com the system becomes pretty simple and clear.. It's like putting a condom on your light and making it do new tricks. As stupid as that sounds, it's incredibly useful.

What I liked the most about the system was how easy you can assemble different textures/colors for light while in the dark, and how sturdy they hold when you're waving the light around. The universal connector is a small add-on to almost any flashlight, then the brushes are where it get's interesting. For this one, I used a small yellow-filtered opaque bottle-brush. There will be more to come, I'm just getting acquainted. See this photo extra large by clicking on it.

midnight runner

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - : Apatosaurus is the new Brontosaurus

Location: Mt. Pinos - Frazier Park, CA.

Settings: (2-shot Composite) Light painting at F5, ISO 100, 248 seconds, Stars at F3.5, ISO 6400, 15 second exposure.

Some years back I was explaining a dinosaur fact to a friend when I was rudely interrupted by another person in line for coffee - "You know that the Brontosaurus doesn't exist, right? They constructed the fossil in a haphazard way and it just doesn't go together like that. The actual name of the creature you think you're talking about is an Apatosaurus." - And with those few words from a stranger in line for coffee, a once solid force from my childhood vanished.

galactic apatosaurus

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/20/14: Galactic Rainbow

Location: Mt. Pinos - Frazier Park, CA.

Settings: F3.5, ISO 6400, 15 second exposure - 8 vertical images.

This might be the best spot to get a view of the Milky Way while still being relatively close to Los Angeles. Frazier Park is located about a half hour North of Magic Mountain and the lights of LA are blocked out by many southern mountains, it's worth the trip if you're looking for a bright starry night sky.

galactic rainbow

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/18/14: Golden Gull

Location: Lake Tahoe, NV.

Settings: F9, ISO 100, 1/125 second exposure.

I was trying to just get the reflection of the light here, because it looked so nice. Then came along this intruder who made for a better subject anyway.

golden gull

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/17/14: Beach Runner

Location: Malibu, CA.

Settings: F4.5, ISO 1600, 59 second exposure.

The best places to shoot photos are often the worst places to bring your (expensive and easily damaged) camera gear. Waves crashing and tons of moisture in the air? Yes please. Wet sand, and dry sand? Why not! Dark environments with large rocks to trip over? Now we're talking! Any studio photographer has to think we're idiots.

beach runner

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/16/14: Angelic

Location: Los Angeles, CA.

Settings: F10, ISO 100, 75 second exposure.

City of Angels.


DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/15/14: Solo Joshua Tree

Location: Joshua Tree, CA.

Settings: F13, ISO 100, 1/200th second exposure.

Lonely joshua tree in the middle of the Mojave Desert.

solo tree

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/14/14: Dallas

Location: Dallas, TX.

Settings: F10, ISO 100, 20 second exposure.

"If you don't like the weather in Dallas, wait ten minutes" - that's what they say. It was 90 degrees when we landed the first day, the second day it was perfect in the morning and raining in the evening, the last night we were there, the city was on tornado watch.


DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/13/14: Thunder Lizard

Location: Dallas, TX.

Settings: F8, ISO 100, 190 second exposure.

Under the less famous bridge in Dallas, we encountered large spiders. It was raining - thankfully, not spiders - just regular rain.

thunder lizard

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/10/14: Scorpio's Sting

Location: Badwater Basin - Death Valley, CA.

Settings: F5.6, ISO 100, 123 second exposure.

It's funny that when I go out looking to shoot meteors, I can shoot all night and never get a decent photo of them.. I've done this about five times now and they're never composed well if I get a shot at all.. But when my back is turned, and I am completely involved in light-painting something intricate (like this scorpion) there's suddenly a meteor that streaks by in the sky perfectly centered in the photograph. I had no idea until I went through the pictures days later. I'm not even that happy about it, I wish I saw it with my own eyes! It must have been bright to show up at F5.6! Ok, maybe I'm a little happy about it. Click the image for a slightly larger view.

scorpio's sting

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/9/14: Come at me bro

Location: Sand Dunes - Death Valley, CA.

Settings: F5.6, ISO 100, 69 second exposure.

The light has some anger management issues.

come at me bro

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/8/14: Blood Moon Returns

Location: Los Angeles, CA.

Settings: (Composite of 5 images) F5.6, ISO 3200, .2 second exposures.

I set my alarm for this and when 1:30am rolled around, it was hard to follow-through with my initial plans. I'm glad I did, and it was a beautiful sight to see.

blood moon 2014

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/7/14: Spinosaurus

Location: Zabriskie Point - Death Valley, CA.

Settings: F5.6, ISO 100, 236 second exposure.

This species was a little larger than a T-rex in real life, I'm glad to give it some scale with this historic background. If you pay attention to the star trails, you can see how much the earth rotates in 236 seconds. Click the image for a larger view.


DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/6/14: Tentacle Garden

Location: Badwater Basin - Death Valley, CA.

Settings: F5.6, ISO 100, 319 second exposure.

At the lowest point in North America, things are a bit different. The landscape acts like a huge bowl collecting heat from the sun and the temperature sits around 105 degrees during the day, it's bone-dry. Badwater Basin is mostly cracked earth and salt, the perfect place for an Alien's tentacle-garden.

*Click image for printing options.

alien garden

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/3/14: Shock down from Above

Location: Anza Borrego, CA.

Settings: F5, ISO 3200, 15 second exposure.

It was time to make moves, we weren't going to camp in these high winds.. But we didn't know where to go just yet, so we waited and watched the passing storm shock down from above for the next thirty minutes. It wasn't long before we had a new plan.

*Click image for printing options.


DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/2/14: Gigantic

Location: General Sherman - Sequoia National Park, CA.

Settings: F4.5, ISO 200, 155 second exposure.

This is a big tree.. Largest tree on Earth as a matter of fact. Consider this, the skeleton is just over 6 feet tall, and the tree it's on is about the same height as the statue of liberty. It was nice to see it without any tourists around, just me and the yogi bears out there.

*Click image for printing options.


DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/1/14: Happy Hump-Day

Location: Anza Borrego, CA.

Settings: F8, ISO 3200, 103 second exposure.

After shooting this image, I went back to my car and heard a fast rattling sound while I was loading up. I quickly backed away from the sound and shined a light to see a small rattle-snake coiled up, ready to strike. I'll take this opportunity to say be careful out there in the desert, especially under hot nights like this, it was about 90 degrees when I was shooting. Cold-blooded rattlesnakes love hot nights.

*Click image for printing options.


DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 9/30/14: Palm Springs

Location: Palm Springs, CA.

Settings: F5.6, ISO 100, 137 second exposure.

While I was trying to shoot this image there was a group of people filming a hip-hop video in the scenic overlook parking about 50 yards behind my tripod. Cars, girls, beats, flows - they chose a good spot.

*Click image for printing options.

palm springs

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 9/29/14: Striker

Location: Salton Sea, CA.

Settings: (Composite) Light-painting at F5.6, ISO 100, 228second exposure; lightning at F2.8, ISO 3200, 15 second exposure.

This one is a first for me, I've never been able to capture a light-painting and lightning in the same frame until now. Luckily, we were by the Salton Sea - an apocalyptic looking environment that worked great as a backdrop for my striking Raptor against the electric sky.

*Click image for printing options.


DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 9/24/14: Neon Elk

Location: Azalea Campground - Hume, CA.

Settings: F5, ISO 800, 69second exposure.

Rolling thunder and occasional rain showers made camping in Kings Canyon a bit dicey. I was glad to get in as much shooting as the weather permitted.

*Click image for printing options.


DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 9/23/14: Dinos at Dawn

Location: Sequoia National Park - Tulare County, CA.

Settings: F7.1, ISO 100, 140 second exposure.

Only got one shot at this before it started getting too bright out.. Here we have a T-rex with a broken upper-jaw.

*Click image for printing options.

dinos at dawn

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 9/22/14: Largest Tree on Earth

Location: Sequoia National Park - Tulare County, CA.

Settings: F5.6, ISO 100, 49 second exposure.

We drove through the night to get to Sequoia by 4am. I had been thinking about this place for the past year - what I would do when I got there, how I would shoot it, what kind of lens I would use, whether a full moon would be best or no moon.. When we got here, it sort of all went out the window. It was pitch black, colder than expected, but the stars were bright; this tree is almost too large to try and capture in one photo! I started far away from across the meadow trying to light it up with a spotlight and zoom lens, but it just did not capture it's grandeur.. So I moved closer and shot with a wide angle, finally nailing down this image just before the break of dawn.

*Click image for printing options.

largest tree on earth

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 9/19/14: Dead in the Water

Location: Lake Tahoe, NV.

Settings: F22, ISO 100, 86 second exposure.

One of the most beautiful lake-beaches I have been to. I'm glad we did not get a ticket while parking here because we certainly did not pay the entrance fee.

*Click image for printing options.

dead in the water

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 9/18/14: Evil Eyes

Location: Los Angeles, CA.

Settings: F8, ISO 100, 181 second exposure.

I've visited this location many times, often escorted by a large group of coyotes. I always walk past this double cave exhibit which probably used to house a bear and never stopped to shoot it until I thought about playing with the perspective. It's good to think outside the box, the world can open up quite a bit.

*Click image for printing options.

evil eyes

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 9/17/14: Red Rock Sky

Location: Red Rock Canyon, CA.

Settings: Crop of larger 28 shot panorama, F2.8, ISO 6400, 15 second exposures.

What a weird place. If I had to describe what this canyon looked like - I would say, imagine a giant slice of bacon dropped by god itself, left to fossilize over hundreds of millions of years.

*Click image for printing options.

red rock sky

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 9/16/14: Escape

Location: Joshua Tree, CA.

Settings: F5.6, ISO 3200, 69 second exposure.

Eaten alive by mosquitos during this shoot. The old ruins at wonderland wash were a bit haunting during the night for sure, but I was so occupied by swatting flying blood-suckers that the cold tingle down my spine was the least of my problems.

*Click image for printing options.


DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 9/15/14: Raccoon

Location: Lake Tahoe, NV.

Settings: F5.6, ISO 6400, 66 second exposure.

A real raccoon passed in front of the camera just before I shot this image.. I asked the small furry creature to hold still so I could use him as a reference, but he was more interested in hunting crayfish.

*Click image for printing options.


DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 9/12/14: Urban Organics

Location: Murphy's Ranch - Los Angeles, CA.

Settings: F8, ISO 640, 196 second exposure.

The beauty of light-painting photography is that you can bring it to any dark location. The art comes alive when it's juxtaposed against a place that is a little off the beaten trail. Somewhere neglected, with a history and spirit.

*Click image for printing options.

urban organics

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 9/11/14: Right Side Up

Location: Mono Lake, CA.

Settings: F9, ISO 3200, 73 second exposure.

Today will be historically remarked as another anniversary of the tragic event that took place in New York City thirteen years ago today. It was just before I started college at UC Santa Cruz, and I went on this 2 week camping trip called 'wilderness orientation' right before school started with about 15 other freshmen and some grad students, some of which are now life-long friends. We would hike out about ten to fifteen miles a day in the Sierra Nevadas and it wasn't until the end of the trip that another hiker passed our group and mentioned what had happened to the Twin Towers. It seemed so far-fetched and yet so out-of-nowhere that, why would anyone make that up? After hiking and processing the news over the next two days we were finally able to get back to phones and civilization, call loved ones in New York, and DC. The world we knew had literally changed forever while we were on that hike.

*Click image for printing options.

right side up

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 9/10/14: Our House

Location: Murphy's Ranch - Los Angeles, CA.

Settings: F5.6, ISO 100, 100 second exposure.

I've been to this location before, and it's just as creepy now as it ever was. Let's start off with a quick low-down of how to get here in the first place: You have to park on a suburban road and walk in about 2 miles on a fire road (blocked with a gate at about a 1/2 mile in). After the 2 miles, you get to a creepy gate on the left which is the entrance to the compound. Hiking down into the valley below you will pass a large water cement reservoir on your right, and several endless stairways going down the hillside to your left. Looping into the valley, the road becomes dirt and it gets noticeably colder. After another mile down into the valley we come to this building which was an old power generator. The full moon didn't produce much light this deep in the valley, we can barely see it's effect on the hillside in the background. For this image I was trying different lighting options for an animation project in the works.. I went with the top left.

*Click image for printing options.

our house

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 9/9/14: Land's End

Location: Point Mugu - Malibu, CA.

Settings: F5, ISO 100, 59 second exposure.

Stairway to Ocean.

*Click image for printing options.

lands end

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 9/8/14: Pink Tree

Location: Mt. Wilson - Los Angeles, CA.

Settings: F5.6, ISO 100, 172 second exposure.

During the course of this photo, shot off the 2 highway in the Angeles Crest National Forest, I counted about twenty cars hauling ass up the narrow road, drifting corners, and making noise with racer mufflers. Never a dull moment in the wilderness of Los Angeles.

*Click image for printing options.

pink tree

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 9/7/14: Noah Purifoy - Sculpture Garden

Location: Joshua Tree, CA.

Settings: 7 vertical shots stitched together at F5.6, ISO 100, 1/1250th second each.

One-of-a-kind place from a one-of-a-kind perspective.

noah purifoy

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 9/6/14: Cotton Candy Sky

Location: Joshua Tree, CA.

Settings: 12 vertical shots stitched together at F5.6, ISO 100, 1/60th second each.

Sunsets in the desert.. Wild, visible, and vibrant.

cotton candy sky

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 9/5/14: Endless

Location: Lake Tahoe, NV.

Settings: Four vertical shots stitched together at F2.8, ISO 6400, 15 seconds each.

Looking up at this never gets old.. I hope I live long enough to see it explored a bit.

*Click image for printing options.


DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 9/4/14: Desert Magic

Location: Joshua Tree, CA.

Settings: 25 shots at F3.5, ISO 3200, 15 second exposures.

We had an idea for some weird desert hyperlapse and it worked just as we planned. May have to do more of these (and grow a large white beard).

desert magic

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 9/3/14: Dinosaurs on the Moon

Location: Red Rock Canyon - Kern County, CA.

Settings: (Composite) Light painting at F5.6, ISO 100, 206 second exposure, Milky Way at F3.5, ISO 3200, 25 second exposure.

In a delirious state we pulled up to the campground at 2:30am, put up the tent and our eyes adjusted to the moonless night. The stars began to show brightly against the Dali-esque landscape and I was compelled to get in another light fossil before nodding off. Here we have the skeleton of a Compsognathus - a small, bipedal, carnivorous theropod illuminated against Red Rock Canyon.

*Click image for printing options.

dinosaurs on the moon

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 9/2/14: Joshua Tree

Location: Lone Juniper and Balanced Rock - Joshua Tree National Park, CA.

Settings: F16, ISO 100, 20 second exposure.

This is a very popular time-lapse spot to shoot in Joshua Tree. The first time we visited, there was already someone set up from this vantage point with a slider, two tripods, an emotimo, etc. Luckily, when we returned the next day, it was vacant and I was able to write out this new addition to my Postcard Project series.

*Click image for printing options.

joshua tree

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 8/30/14: Milky Mono Mylo

Location: Mono Lake, CA.

Settings: F3.5, ISO 6400, 15 second exposure.

In case you were not already aware, I run a company called 'Danger' and it features three characters that always get into danger (of course). We sell tees, tanks, hats, sweaters, and prints.. Soon toys! Here's one of the little dudes, Mylo - I made out of sculpy clay and bring him on our adventures. He's sitting on a tufa here with some stars in the distance.

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milky mono mylo

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 8/29/14: Parasaurolophus

Location: Sand Harbor - Lake Tahoe, NV.

Settings: F13, ISO 100, 191 second exposure.

After the sun sets, most light-painters know about a window of opportunity called 'blue hour'. It's a time where there's just enough light to give the sky an ombre look and color most of the landscape blueish-purple while still being dark enough to light-paint a 3 minute exposure. The time is always ticking, and you only get a few shots where the conditions are just right.

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DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 8/28/14: Lake Lovers

Location: Lake Tahoe, NV.

Settings: F3.5, ISO 6400, 15 second exposure.

We were discussing what animal I should light paint at Lake Tahoe and then the answer walked right past us in the form of a Raccoon.

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Lake Lovers

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 8/27/14: Otherworldly

Location: Mono Lake, CA.

Settings: F3.5, ISO 6400, 15 second exposure.

What a strange place to visit. During the day it's weird enough, but at night this spot gets colder, the wind dies down, and the stars come out. Mix that with a pack of coyotes howling in the distance and you've got the start of a great sci-fi horror film.

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DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 8/26/14: Lake Tahoe

Location: Sand Harbor - Lake Tahoe, NV.

Settings: F14, ISO 100, 62 second exposure.

What a great spot to watch the sunset. Bats were flying around everywhere snapping up moths in the sky during this photo.

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lake tahoe

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