Where the Sidewalk Ends

Location: Potato chip rock - San Diego, CA / Settings: F22, ISO 100, 238 seconds

Gear: Canon 6D24-70mm LensManfrotto Tripod, and Remote Shutter-release.

'This place is just as sketchy as it looks in the photos' - that was my initial thought upon first visit.

From the first time I laid eyes on this place through someone else's photo, I thought it looked familiar - anyone growing up with Shel Silverstein's poems and illustrations in their youth could never forget his book cover 'Where the Sidewalk Ends' - in fact, if you research the title, you can't help but find many tattoos of the iconic deceased writer/illustrator's work.

It always struck a chord with me due to it's clever, raw, precarious, humorous yet hopeful perspective - a rare balance to find in creative work!

If you think the 7 mile hike with an elevation gain of around 1700 ft would deter some crowds, think again - Astrobandit waited in line for a chance to shoot her image - it took about 20 minutes - lots of selfie-sticks :P


We waited until dusk to shoot some blue-hour images and then hiked back in the dark. As you can see in this image, the rock really does just drop off into nothing.

If you do choose to make the trek out to potato chip rock - make sure to bring plenty of water, as many hiking websites will advise - the trail doesn't have much shade and would be difficult in the summer heat!