Special Prize

I want to express my sincerest thanks and appreciation for winning a light-art competition called 'The International Light Painting Awards - 2015' - I was caught a bit off-guard that I had received the Special Prize!

I was out camping with some friends and received word of it by my Family via text on Sunday: http://www.lightart-photography.de/lp-award/ - wow. I get my own exhibition :D

See you at Photokina in Germany - September 2016.

This online competition is an important opportunity for light-artists around the world - a chance to showcase (what they feel are) 2 of their very best long exposure photography images.

As with last year, this year's competition featured the most incredible light-art photographs to date from around the world. 

Please do your eyes a favor and take a look at some these image entries: http://www.lightart-photography.de/lp-award/gallery/  - now try to figure out how they did it! Some of them are mysterious, but at the same time - telling.

Now, of course the judges can't be normal photo-judges - these judges have to be specialized: 

Assembled of 11 international photo-artists - well respected within the light-art community - Jan Leonardo (Germany), Patrick (Canada), Brian (US), Hugo (Netherlands), Eric (US), Sergey (RU), TigTab (AUS), Janne (Finland), Alfredo (Spain), Jason (US), Jadikan (FR), and Rosetta (UK).

A big respectful shout out to Pala Teth from Belgium, Chris Bauer (Oregon), Namor Pastor (Spain), El Nino de las Luces (Spain), Dana Maltby (US), Denis Smith (AUS), Tim Gamble (UK), Gareth Nathan (Ireland), Xiao Yang (China), Cisco (Morocco), Will (France), Diliz (France), Stephane Babatasi (France), Frederic Leroux (France), Dan Whitaker (UK), Sven Gerard (Germany), Diana Ponce Prieto (Spain), and to everyone that chose their very best photos for the competition.