Back at the Ranch

Location: Mojave Desert, CA | Settings: F5.6 / ISO 50 / 703 seconds

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Here we are in the Mojave Desert around 10pm last night, it was 30 degrees outside, quite chilly for Southern California! This shot took almost 12 minutes to create using Night-Writer and color tips. 

In light of this location being so close to a main road, passing headlights were a constant concern. So I did what any long exposure photographer would do in this situation, I capped the lens every time a car drove by with it's high beams. You can see how many time I capped the lens by taking a closer look at the star trails:


This technique is popular amongst advanced light-art photographers. If used creatively, it can result in some mind-bending imagery. Check out my friend Dana Maltby's work for an idea of what can be achieved by lens-capping and having another tripod handy. Here's another great creative set of len-swaps by James de Luna.

For more light-skeletons, check out the full collection below: