Red, Light, and Blue

Location: Los Padres National Forest, CA


Here's my rendition of the American Flag done with light-painting shortly after sunset, to view large click here.

Camera Settings: 94 seconds / ISO 250 / F 7.1

I used this rusty barbed-wire gate as a template of sorts, it took a few tries to get it right. You can see what I mean in animated .gif below. At first, my Night-Writer light was not bright enough to compete with the recent sunset, but over time it dimmed and I was able to get something I liked. 


For this image I used a newly designed 'Pyramid' color-tip. This custom design was Red, White, and Blue for July 4th. America's 'Independence Day'.

For each color in the flag, I rotated this new tip design at a slightly different angle toward the camera lens. I experimented with different speeds of light-drawing also, at first I would move in slow motion with the light, toward the end I began speeding up to balance the light-drawing brightness with the environment. You can see some of the stars come out illustrating how dark it became toward the end of the animated .gif (above).


Astrobandit and I watched the fireworks in Ventura, CA this year. I wasn't feeling the idea of lugging around a tripod and camera gear, so I opted to use my phone as the camera of choice for this particular occasion.

Here are some images I took of the fireworks using an 'iPhone 7 Plus' and NightCap Pro App. I held the phone steady on my knee (in place of a tripod) for a second or so while the camera captured colorful streaks of each big bang!

The colors aren't perfect, as you can see in way the sensor picks up red colors, but overall I thought 'not bad' for a little pocket camera!

Election Day

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Hey Americans, a quick reminder to get out there and vote today. Regardless of who you vote for, it's the part of a democratic process that matters most and you'd be foolish to sit this one out.

My personal opinion is that the state of the country is a complicated picture to try and focus on, it's made up of so many moving parts that a gauge on what the American people think in a general way is almost impossible to achieve.

Some want to break it, some want to try and fix it, some want to protect their assault rifles, some want to protect their children, some want to side with their religion, some want to side with their partners, some want a wall, some want a path to citizenship, some want to care more for the environment and green technologies, some care more about the oil business and their extensive subsidiaries. It depends on who you ask and what their stake in it is.

Personally, I side w Robert De Niro: