Desert Tour in the '78 part III

Locations: Red Rock Canyon + Palm Springs, CA

Let's start off Day 3 in our rented '78 VW Camper Bus from Vintage Surfari Wagons with a proper sunrise reflected on the polished bright orange exterior. As one early passerby noted while I took photos of this VW, 'I see you're making art with art!', he was not wrong!

You can check my Day I and Day II posts for a road trip recap.

That colorful sunrise sky deserved a picture of it's own. Click the image above for a full-screen take (worth it). This is a composite of two images - one for the sky and one for the landscape. If you look close you'll notice a few scattered Joshua Trees around the Red Rock Canyon State park.

Here's our VW Camper Bus 'Rell Sunn' looking ready to rock for our next part of the journey to Palm Springs, CA. This was about the time I started thinking about how we had used all of the propane last night on the best dinner I've ever had out camping, and that there was none left to heat up the water for this morning's coffee, bummer!

After a pit stop for coffee and breakfast in Mojave, CA at the Old Desert Cafe, we stopped for gas and I snapped a pic of the odometer again. We took the fairly scenic pear blossom highway out to our next desert destination.

We stopped briefly at the hipster haven that is Ace Hotel. But opted for another hotel down the street with very similar amenities for about a third of the price. Welcome to the colorful Saguaro:


They probably spent more on colored paint than any other feature of this hotel.


Here's Astro Bandit striking a pose amongst the colored curtains in our bright orange room with purple carpet, to match with our bright orange VW Camper perhaps?

We relaxed for most of the afternoon poolside then had an evening beer and saw the sunset from our balcony overlooking the pool and courtyard.

That night we went to the Blue Coyote Grill in downtown Palm Springs and had some potent Cadillac Margaritas - we opted for an Lfyt there and back (good call). It was a good way to spend the last night of our desert tour.

Overall, it was an incredible trip exploring a few deserts of California in a Vintage VW classic.

You won't win any speed races in this old Bus, but it's a wonderful way to experience the winding roads and natural landscapes California offers. I'd recommend looking at this rental company if you're doing a California road trip with a small group - it's an experience you'll never forget. Thank you Vintage Surfari Wagons for having this amazing fleet of absolutely beautiful VW buses along with all the amenities that made our trip so wonderful. 

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