Location: Rocky Mountain National Park, CO / Settings: (Composite) Light-art at F16, ISO 100, 165 seconds. Stars at F2.8, ISO 3200, 15 seconds.

Gear: Canon 6DRokinon 14mm LensManfrotto TripodRemote Shutter-release, and Proto Night-Writer.

The last thing you want to happen in the Rocky Mountains is for your car battery to die (and not have jumper cables) - at night the temperature at that elevation drops to the lower 40's quickly. 

I was able to flag down a truck with a flashlight and talk to a very nice couple who told me that they did not have jumper cables, but they could get ahold of the nearest ranger on their way out. They hooked us up a few hand-warmers before leaving, a really nice gesture. 

Thankfully, within the next 20 minutes, Ranger Walt showed up and jumped our car. I shot this image on our way out of the park with the engine running nearby, I would have loved to stay longer but did not want to push our luck!

Here's a view of the tundra earlier that day - this elk was enjoying the view: