Space is the Place

Location: Mojave Desert, CA | Settings: F2.8 / ISO 3200 / 24 seconds

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For a shot like this, it helps to have a really good idea of what your location will look like. 

I scouted this spot a while back and knew it was very flat, and that I could get some interesting perspectives if I shot it low to the ground, using a white tipped Night-Writer for Astro Bandit's head. After doing some sketches on paper, I decided that I needed a cardboard cutout of a rocket ship for this to work the way I imagined:


A few minutes of cutting and some glow in the dark tape later, my spaceship (to be back lit):

rocket cutout

These type of photos are usually one-offs that may or may not be incorporated into a full set down the line, for now they go into my Misc. Collection. Thanks for reading!