Super Blood Moon Special

Location: Rainbow Basin - Barstow, CA / Settings: F5.6, ISO 3200, 6 seconds

Gear: Canon 6D, Manfrotto Tripod, 300mm Lens, and remote shutter.

It was pretty crazy getting out here in a sedan.. But let's not get into that right now - what's important is the Super Blood Moon - and here we have a view of what can be accomplished on a 300mm telephoto lens. 

blood moon at 70mm

Gear: Canon 6DManfrotto Tripod24-70mm Lens, and remote shutter.

Next up we have the same spot shot from a 24-70mm Canon lens - I like this one too, it focuses more on the environment than just the moon itself. Those hills have some interesting layers.

blood moon at 14mm

Gear: Canon 6DManfrotto Tripod, 14mm Lens, and remote shutter.

Now for a super-wide view of the environment - this is what your 14mm will do. The moon looks like a tiny red marble in the center of frame.

In closing - the Super Blood Moon celestial event is over, but don't worry - it will be back in 18 years. Bye for now super blood moon.