Perseids Meteor Shower 2016

Location: Mt. Pinos - Frazier Park, CA

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Here's a quick post on current events in astronomy, the Perseids Meteor Shower has been going on for the past few days, reaching its peak the other night. In this composite above, I've put the 14 meteors I caught into one photo-frame.

Check out my timelapse below of the full 3 and a half hours I had my camera snapping away:

Using a Canon 6D camera, with a 14mm lens, plus tripod and remote trigger, my settings for each shot were at F2.8 / ISO 6400 / 15 seconds. The Lapse is about 514 images - each flare that comes up is someone leaving in a car from the parking lot. I really liked this one flare because it looked like a stargate or something, would make a cool album cover I think:

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For more info on where to watch meteor showers or to find the best dark sky area in your location to see the Milky Way, check out this post I did on finding dark skies RIGHT HERE

Two Heart Tree

Location: Red Rock Canyon State Park | Settings: (Composite) Light Art at F5.6 / ISO 50 / 246 seconds / Stars at F2.8 / ISO 3200 / 15 seconds

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Here's a Valentine's Day post for all you lovebirds out there. I guess it's a day late at this point, but my internet line was out yesterday, so better late than never!

While on a recent camping trip to the Mojave Desert with some friends we stopped at this place called Red Rock Canyon State Park and I thought I'd try a few heart-themed pieces using my Night-Writer along with some Pink and Red Color-tips. You can see some orange glow from the campfire which was projected onto the cliffs behind the pink tree. 

It was a new moon, so you can see quite a few stars in the mix. We'll have to wait another Month or so for the Milky Way to be in full effect and have the Galaxy's core most visible.

The route to this location is a nice trip to take and a fairly close one to the outskirts of Los Angeles. Go North on the I-5, and about an hour down the 14 East into the Mojave desert. You'll pass the future Space Station of Virgin Galactic in Mojave, CA on your right and a newly constructed Solar effort on the left. Good use of space out there!

I started off this light-painting by doing a 3D-looking heart using my Ceramic technique where I circulate the LED in the air to form different sized light-masses. After a few hearts, I thought it looked a bit too plain, so I decided to spice it up a bit with a light-tree and a few growing hearts on the limbs.


After looking at this image for a while, I begin to start thinking of adding on some leaves, maybe some birds to mix it up. That's the beauty of images - just looking at one gives you ideas for another!

Check out my Misc. Gallery below for more images that do not conform to any Collection at this point.. I'm thinking I may need to add a plant-life section soon: