Waking the Dead

Location: Fort Erie, ON - Canada / Settings: F9, ISO 100, 554 seconds

It's not often that I go out shooting photos with my twin brother Ross.. So when I do, I try and take him to the creepiest places that no other person would go ;)

1800's Canadian cemetery at midnight - check.

We drove by this location after taking a wrong turn to get to Fort Erie, I pulled the car over and we took a walk to the spot, set up for a few shots, and got eaten alive by mosquitos. 

The amount of cobwebs and spiders on these graves were a little unsettling - when drawing the white skeleton, I came close enough to the grave-stone to see hundreds of spiders running from my Night-Writer light-pen. I tried to stay a few feet away from the other stones after that.

Gear used:

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Tesla's Spark

Location: Niagra, ON - Canada / Settings: F8, ISO 100, 108 seconds

Gear: Canon 6D,  24-70mm LensManfrotto TripodRemote Shutter-release and Night-Writer.

Exploring Niagra Falls late at night I've come to a few realizations:

1) In the tourist season, it is never un-occupied - even at 3am I saw people with their kids in tow out for a stroll.. Strange to see, but who knows - they could have gotten in from a late flight and been on a completely different time schedule than you or I. The Falls are just as beautiful at night, and the crowds are certainly less like the circus you would see in the day.

2) The falls makes it's own weather - with all that water misting up a storm, you can bet on using your windshield wipers often.

3) It's a place that must be visited -  the sheer power and force of nature is awe-inspiring. The Canadian side is best - Horseshoe Falls all the way. American side is cool too, but right now it's under construction for the next year; visit Canada, it's awesome.

I think one of the most intriguing human aspects of this natural wonder is the idea to harness the power of the falls to create electricity - Nikola Tesla. While I was driving out of the parking lot to Horseshoe falls, I had to stop that this old building and draw a skeleton dedicated to the one of the most important figures the last century - his achievements in electricity had an immeasurable impact on the future of technology.

Niagra Falls

3,160 tons of water flows over Niagra Falls every second - Nikola Tesla put this natural power to use.

Niagra Mist

Mist from Niagra Falls covers the area for many miles (or kilometers depending on who you ask).