Rainbow Raptor

Location: Buffalo, NY / Settings: F.8, ISO 100, 237 seconds

Gear: Canon 6D,  24-70mm LensManfrotto TripodRemote Shutter-release and proto Night-Writer.

Scouting locations like this in the day is a good idea, I try to do it whenever possible - It's not safe any other way, you should get well acquainted with your location before shooting it in the dark.

This can be the difference between a light-noob and a light-ninja. 

For this shot I knew the location already, a decrepit historic building on the East Side of Buffalo - a perfect spot for my Rainbow Raptor.

I'd prefer to go with someone else for safety purposes, but went alone because I was picking my brother up from the airport an hour later.. That was before the lightning storm hit and his plane was delayed 3 hours.

During this shoot the rain began falling through broken windows and lightning struck in the distance to the left of the building. I didn't stay long.

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Location: Albright-Knox Art Gallery - Buffalo, NY / Settings: F13, ISO 800, 13 seconds.

Gear: Canon 6D,  24-70mm LensManfrotto Tripod.

Haven't posted in a little over a week due to travels - made a trip to Colorado and just got back to Los Angeles from Buffalo, NY from a celebration of life to honor my Grandfather Joe Pearson who passed recently.

During my time in Buffalo, one of the resonating themes I found myself thinking of was his words of encouragement each time we spoke of how things were, how things were going in each other's lives. "Keep Givin' Her Hell" he used to say - the more I thought about those words, the more I found meaning in them - the world will give it right back either way, so you better make the most of it!

Power Out

Here I was trying to pick up my twin brother Ross from the airport, but they would not let passengers off the plane due the intensity of lightning strikes.

As you can see here, there was good reason for it - the power went out right after this bolt struck the building!


Another shot from a park in the suburbs.

lightning rod

One more from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery - I wish I could have gotten a more detailed shot of this incredible statue 'Karma' by Do-ho Suh with some lightning in the frame.. But I thought it made a pretty good lightning rod, so I decided not to push my luck.