Waking the Dead

Location: Fort Erie, ON - Canada / Settings: F9, ISO 100, 554 seconds

It's not often that I go out shooting photos with my twin brother Ross.. So when I do, I try and take him to the creepiest places that no other person would go ;)

1800's Canadian cemetery at midnight - check.

We drove by this location after taking a wrong turn to get to Fort Erie, I pulled the car over and we took a walk to the spot, set up for a few shots, and got eaten alive by mosquitos. 

The amount of cobwebs and spiders on these graves were a little unsettling - when drawing the white skeleton, I came close enough to the grave-stone to see hundreds of spiders running from my Night-Writer light-pen. I tried to stay a few feet away from the other stones after that.

Gear used:

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