The best kind of Space-Invader

Location: Avila Sea Caves - San Luis Obispo, CA / Settings: F4.5, ISO 1600, 133 second exposure

space invader

This place is a short walk from the parking lot and I'm sure there was a lot more to explore if we had more time. 

For this shot, I used a black glove to hold a single G-technology rugged external hard-drive in place for roughly each pixel used in the notorious space-invader icon.

I shot with a fairly open aperture of F4.5 and an ISO set to 1600 because I wanted the ocean to be visible along with some nice and bright hard-drive pixels for my invader. In addition, I hit the entrance of the cave with a bit of pink and blue light to work with the black and blue invader.

Here's the location on a map in case you feel inspired to check it out for yourself:

location avila sea caves

This is the hard-drive I was using for each pixel in the invader, and yes it is on a sea-glass beach (different location than the invader):

G-tech drive glass beach