Well Weathered

Today is a special post about shooting in unique weather conditions - specifically, fog and rain.

Fog is basically a low-lying cloud of moisture that can make for some interesting and moody shots if you're prepared for the opportunity. Long exposure photography pairs especially well with fog because the LED lights create the most spectacular glow:

Location: PCH - Big Sur, CA / Settings: (Composite of 2 images) Light art at F.9, ISO 100, 133 seconds. Rain at F2.8, ISO 1600, 15 seconds.

well weathered

Gear: Canon 6D, Manfrotto 190x Tripod, 24-70mm Lens, Remote shutter, and Night-Writer LED-pen.

The challenge here is that moisture and electronics don't mix very well, and fog can move quick - getting a good shot without damaging your camera is going to take some quick work on your part. I recommend setting your camera up on a tripod before-hand and keeping it in your passenger seat so it's ready to go at a moment's notice like in the case above.

Location: Salt Point State Park, CA / Settings: F.8, ISO 100, 24-70mm, 171 seconds

Gear: Canon 6DManfrotto 190x Tripod24-70mm LensRemote shutter, and Night-Writer LED-pen.

Bring your killer katana umbrella, a good wet-weather jacket, and don't forget the lens-wipe. In addition, you could weather-proof your camera with something like a Hurricane Hood - it's a bit overkill for me in Los Angeles, but I'd definitely rock one in the Pacific Northwest (or wherever these type of weather conditions are common).

Location: Central Valley, CA / Settings: F.10, ISO 100, 124 seconds

Gear: Canon 6DManfrotto 190x Tripod24-70mm LensRemote shutter, and Night-Writer LED-pen.

Another thing I like to do as a camera-safety precaution is to keep little silica bags from new shoes that I purchase - every time I get a new pair of black shoes, I throw those silica bags right into my camera bag for immediate re-use - they absorb moisture - they're small and totally necessary.

Location: Malibu, CA / Settings: F.8, ISO 100, 585 seconds

Gear: Canon 6DManfrotto 190x Tripod24-70mm LensRemote shutter, and proto Night-Writer LED-pen.

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Skelebuddies in the Fog

Location: Encinal Canyon - Malibu, CA / Settings: F8, ISO 100, 581 second exposure

Info on how this shot was created:

Gear: Canon 6D24-70mm LensManfrotto TripodRemote Shutter-release and Proto Light-pen.

This photo was all about taking advantage of the weather - I was driving through Encinal Canyon on a road that connects the Valley of Los Angeles to the Beaches of Malibu, when a dense fog appeared. Noting the opportunity, I pulled over to shoot one long exposure - a shot I had in mind for some time - rainbow light skeletons in a row.

For placement issues, I know I needed a lot of space - so I shot wide and hoped to capture some car trails - that's what the white streaking lights are (frame left). I started with the white skeleton and side-stepped about 3 feet for each other skeleton.. But soon realized I may have started a bit too far over once I got to the blue character. 

I did my best to place the last two purple and pink skeletons left of where I began with the white and I'm happy they didn't overlap - this was nearly a ten minute exposure.

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