Pink Elephants

Location: Alabama Hills, CA / Settings: F9, ISO 100, 86 second exposure.

Gear: Canon 6D,  24-70mm LensManfrotto TripodRemote Shutter-release and pink light painting brush filter.

This shot is special to me, it's my way of paying respect to my grandfather who passed away recently.

I remember Grandpa Joe used to drive me and my siblings to school in the mornings when my grandparents would visit San Diego, CA from Buffalo, NY.

Every now and then, Joe would start honking the horn when there was seemingly nothing on the road, he would exclaim ' Did you see that?! Pink Elephants! Right there in the road! Three of them!' - after a few of these occurrences, me, my brother and sister started to chime in before he had a chance to do it himself - 'I see a pink elephant! Right there! Grandpa Joe, you better honk to scare them off the road!'.