Last Flight to Ipanema

Location: Sunken City - San Pedro / Settings: (Hacked Holga) ~ 150sec exposure on ISO 400 film

For this roll of film, I wasn't sure if any of the shots I attempted would come out - it was the first time I had used a Holga camera and I wasn't aware of how the focusing worked, how flares would look or even what iso the film was.. I got the camera w 3 shots taken already and just sort of took it on a whim - glad to see some of them work out!

Reaching Out

Location: Sunken City - San Pedro / Settings: (Hacked Holga to shoot long exposure) ~ 200sec exposure on ISO 400 film.

It's not often that I spend more money on developing film than buying the camera, but that was the case with this Holga 120 cam I used to create this image.

This was the riskiest shot I took that night - after viewing the frame, I thought the cliffside peak would be the best spot for my character but soon realized how sketchy it was as I was climbing the brittle structure hanging about 80ft over the rocky shore below. I like how both a helicopter and a ship are visible on the horizon and you can scarcely see my shadow behind the skeleton figure.