Ebbs and Flows

Location: La Jolla, CA / Settings: F7.1, ISO 100, 266 second exposure

For this image I knew I wanted a reflection, but I need to thank my trusty new Dorcy Dive-light  for the underwater highlights. I put my arm into the water from behind the camera and directed it toward the horizon for this shot. Any night-shooter that lives near a large body of water needs a good underwater light source - this is a solid, bright and durable light-source.


Caught a few fishes swimming in some test shots.

parting the sea

I thought this area looked familiar, so I added a skeletal Moses parting the sea for good measure.

Last but not least - the seafood special.


Location: La Jolla, CA / Settings: F8, ISO 100, 196 second exposure

The texture at this spot in La Jolla, just south of the cove a few miles and popular tide-pools, reminds me of something you'd be looking at under a microscope rather than the life-size it is here.

It's interesting to see relations between the infinitely large and infinitely small, maybe we can learn something.

Another feature to this place is the abundance of tiny sea-snails, you can barely see them as small black specks surrounding the small pools. They were sharp enough to cut the bottom of my feet as I traversed the slick rock!