Great light shark

Location: Los Angeles, CA / Settings: F16, ISO 100, 53 seconds

Gear: Canon 6D,  24-70mm LensManfrotto TripodRemote Shutter-release and blue-tipped Night-Writer.

For a shot like this, it's as easy as turning out all the lights in your room and bumping the Fstop up to 16 at ISO 100 - use the 'bulb-mode' camera setting for a leisurely illustration pace.

I've been testing out some of my new Night-Writer color-tips this week and I like the way the colors are working out - I may release them as soon as next week.

An added bonus is the texture that it adds to higher F-stop images like my light-shark above! Looking forward to making more texture-focused tips for the light-pen in the near-future.

Here's a looks at all of the different colors together - they will come in packs of 6 - ROYGBV.


Today's post is a little different from most of my regular posts. I'm launching a hand-made product called the 'Night-Writer' - it's the tool I use when illustrating with light.

Anyone can buy a flashlight, keychain LED, laser-pointer, etc - and you can paint with light that way too - This is more of a precision tool for illustrators that are serious about light-art.

I've made a small batch of ten lights for sale here right now, I'll make more once they sell out - they're all dated, numbered and signed.

Takes 2-AAA batteries, and comes with a 1-year warranty (shipping paid by customer).

I also did some interesting experiments with a few select models, like this one that glows (below). Most are white plastic material under the ink-black exterior, but some glow, some are red, some orange, one is purple.. Haven't made a blue one yet, but I will eventually.