The adventures of Hobo Baggins - Volume I

Hobo Baggins sets off on the journey of his after-life without a penny to his name.

After scoring a ride with a lonesome trucker, Hobo Baggins gets dropped off on the wrong side of the tracks in an industrial section of Los Angeles. The trucker was kind enough to share a smoke and point him in the right direction. Hobo takes one last look back into the dark and begins a long walk towards the light.

downtown railroad

After following the tracks for hundreds of miles up the coast of California, Hobo arrives in Portland, Oregon in a much better state of mind.

portland tracks

Continuing his journey into the woods with a pair of red boots he picked up in Portland, Hobo Baggins is inspired and in awe of the natural beauty that surrounds him.

After months on the road, Hobo arrives in Ojai, CA on an olive orchard, transformed and enlightened by his travel experiences. 

Last Flight to Ipanema

Location: Sunken City - San Pedro / Settings: (Hacked Holga) ~ 150sec exposure on ISO 400 film

For this roll of film, I wasn't sure if any of the shots I attempted would come out - it was the first time I had used a Holga camera and I wasn't aware of how the focusing worked, how flares would look or even what iso the film was.. I got the camera w 3 shots taken already and just sort of took it on a whim - glad to see some of them work out!

Cave of Mystery

Location: Leo Carrillo Beach - Malibu, CA / Settings: F3.5, ISO 200, 189 second exposure.

The California coastline is riddled with mysteries waiting for the curious to explore - We found this little cave spot just after sunset and it was a nice relief from the high winds!

I got to put my recently fixed light-pen to work here - I re-wired the old white LED with an led that fades through the color spectrum.. It was a different style than my usual quick light-lines and I was forced to be more strategic with the color fades and shapes here.