Mortar-Pit Session

Location: San Pedro, CA / Settings: F.8, ISO 100, 714 seconds

Had a fun session with fellow night-shooter Brandon Yoshizawa the other day - the main challenge here was utilizing all the space!

I put on my skateboarder's thinking-cap and went to work here - a kick-flip here, push there, up the bank, then down the rail, power-slide to slow down a bit, then hit the ledge with a backside nose-blunt. I used a few color-tips on ye old Night-Writer for some variation between characters.

For the next shot (Troll Shower), Brandon took to the sky and delivered a nice steel wool spin from above - I placed a big blue troll below for good measure. On this one I used one of fellow light-artist Jason Page's light-painting brushes - a large bottle brush - FYI that Troll is around 8ft tall.

For the finisher, Brandon and I teamed up for this spectacle of a shot - he spun a fire-orb and I placed some skeletons around it. A nice bonus was to see the WAKE text up top.