Fun with Sculptures

Location: Borrego Springs, CA | Settings: F5.6, ISO 1600, 97 seconds

I've had this idea since last Spring, but never got a chance to carry out the series until last week.

Here are all three of my ideas on paper - it's good to sketch ideas out as soon as you have them, otherwise they disappear.


It's funny how the sketch is often the idealist version, then in reality things change a bit.

For instance, my skeleton looks like he doesn't know what the hell he is doing with a pink sword in his hand. More concerned with the surprising color of his weapon than the imminent threat in front of him.

For the next image, Battle Beasts (which I've posted before last May) - there are subtle nuances that make it different than the sketch.

For instance, the horse sculptures being much larger than I was expecting. I brought a step-ladder to the location, but it didn't do me much good as the soft sand swallowed about 10 inches off it's height. 

The moral of this post is that life can and will throw you curveballs - so think on your feet and as Tim Gunn would say, 'Make it Work'.

To see the full collection of Light-Skeletons and wall-art options, check the print shop below:

Battle Beasts

Location: Borrego Springs, CA / Settings: F8, ISO 100, 463 seconds

Out in the Borrego Springs desert, there are some incredible metal sculptures by artist Ricardo Breceda.

Here's a sketch I did with these specific sculptures in mind, they were a bit larger than I had imagined!

battle sketch