Into the Light Matrix

Location: Los Angeles, CA / Settings: F22, ISO 100, 276 second exposure

Gear: Canon 6D,  24-70mm LensManfrotto TripodRemote Shutter-release, Prism, and Night-Writer.

It always helps to try and add new tricks to your arsenal - as far as I know, Dana Maltby aka TCB started using this trick in his photography where he would put a prism or kaleidoscope in front of the lens, lit from behind, then switched focus mid-exposure and continued lighting the environment to create some very interesting images.


This is my take on that tech - crude, I know, but it works! More experiments to follow - this one has such a small drawing area that it's tough to get anything good in middle. 

For example, this stick figure is about the size of a quarter:

stick dude

Dime for reference - I'm liking the reflections here.