Strange Balance

Location: Rainbow Basin, CA | Settings: F5.6 / ISO 50 / 308 seconds

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I'll throw it back today, because it's Thursday, and I feel like I disregarded this image from a few months ago. It was competing against a rare blood moon event, and it was easy to overlook back then.

On second glance, I like it very much. There's a strange balance to all the subjects. The blue tree has a gravity that the green and purple pull from but are rooted towards. The motion of earth, sky, and stars is interesting too - you can see the motion of clouds and stars crisscross.

This was one of the most martian looking landscapes I've seen yet, here's a 270˙ view of the spot at blue hour. That tiny reddish spect on the left is the moon peaking over the horizon:

Check out the September post on the super blood moon HERE.

Wizard Tree

Location: Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, CA / Settings: F22, ISO 100, 500 seconds

Gear: Canon 6DRokinon 14mm LensManfrotto TripodRemote Shutter-release and Proto Night-Writer.

This place is something else. The journey there is an adventure in itself, and just as we arrived, the rain rolled in - on cue!

I mean, what can you do?! It starts pouring rain in the middle of this shot (above), I'd say right after the green character. Those rain-bones on the right: teal, blue, purple and pink were the quickest skeletons I've ever drawn.  Camera was not happy, wiped it off best I could and let it soak in the silica packets that I collect anytime I get new shoes - I throw those in my camera bag whenever I get the chance - You should too!

walk w ancients

Here's Astrobandit walking with an ancient tree we found along the way.

One more of just the tree - I thought that branch toward the end looked like a demon's claw.