Below you will find a portfolio of light painting stop motion animation short films created by DARIUSTWIN. Each of the below animations are composed of 500-1,000 long exposure, light painting photographs hand drawn on-site with light. You can find our light painting stop motion GIFs here.


She Lights The Night (2018)

In a world of darkness, she brings the light. This is a stop motion light painting animation composed of 1,012 long exposure photographs all drawn by hand with light.

In collaboration with my wife Jordan Pearson featuring music by Peter Cat Recording Co.


Love of Light (2018)

If you follow the light, love will find you. This is a stop motion light painting animation made up of 500 long exposure photographs drawn by hand with an LED light.

Music: East Forest and Keith Sweaty "Provenance (Remix)"


Kill the Lights (2017)

Shiny-bone Jones is back to light up the night in this follow-up to Light Goes On.

Featuring music by Snarky Puppy.


Lightspeed (2015)

'Lightspeed' is about morphing light-beings touring the state of California, the work consists of over 1000 hand-drawn long-exposure photographs shot on-location at night.

Featuring music by Dead Horse Beats.


Light Goes On (2013)

'Light Goes On' is about a skateboarding-skeleton that warps from the woods to shred the streets of Los Angeles in this 720 frame animated light-painting film shot on-location at night.

Featuring music by Gangplans.


Fish Food (2010)

'Fish Food' was a collaborative effort with San Diego based videographer Michael Brown that tells the illustrated tale of an age-old saying 'There's always a bigger fish'.

Featuring Music by Brenton Wood.