Location: Noah Purifoy Exhibit - Joshua Tree, CA / Settings: F5.6, ISO 50, 133 seconds I'll make
On the Rocks
joshua tree Location: Joshua Tree, CA / Settings: F7.1, ISO 50, 841 second exposure Here we are in Joshua Tree, CA
Wild West
Trees around the town, I nailed my head on one of those branches while light-painting this minecart joshua tree Pioneer town near Joshua Tree, CA. Here is where Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, and some of the old west film skeleton and a gelled red high-power LED light for the outhouse interior. Watch out for Joshua
Milk with your Coffee?
Location: Joshua Tree, CA / Settings: (Composite) Light art at F8, ISO 100, 40 seconds. Stars at
Joshua Tree at Night
joshua tree Location: Joshua Tree National Park - Joshua Tree, CA During this time of year in Joshua Tree the the eyes. Click Here for more articles on Joshua Tree, CA.   Joshua Tree at Night
Campvibes at Giant Rock
Location: Giant Rock - Joshua Tree, CA / Settings: (Composite) Light-art at F8, ISO 100, 538 seconds. Stars at F2.8, ISO 6400, 15 seconds. Enjoy the outdoors this weekend! For this image, I used the 'illuminated tent trick' during a long-exposure. Here I can light the tent from within or just behind with a powerful light source to make the inner space glow a bit. Definitely a nice trick in photos to try the next time you go out camping! I used an LED light-pen prototype I've been working on for all the colors here ;)
Arch Rock, or Dead Duck?
joshua tree Location: Joshua Tree, CA / Settings: F4.5, ISO 1600, 106 seconds This is one of those night-photographers spots - I feel sorry for the casual camper that unsuspectingly chooses the place right by the entrance to arch rock trail, as there's always late-night hikers making the sound of footsteps passing by in the middle of the night. I didn't have much of a concept for light-art when I first got here, but after looking at the rock - It began to look like a dead-duck from the classic nintendo game duck hunt.. The more I looked at it, the clearer it became. A little orange light there, an X for the eye, a little green, some blue, and finally a bit of yellow for the feet. Ah yes - a dead duck indeed! That's what light-art is all about - making beautiful landscapes into dead ducks.  
Old Westerns
Location: Joshua Tree, CA Print Options This car looks as if it had been in the desert for about a century. Judging from the Model-T appearance of the car, it probably has. The old ranch was originally bought in the 1930's for gold and silver mining by Bill Keys (left). He had a land dispute with his neighbor Worth Bagley (right) over control to an access road for gold and silver ore processing and shot him dead. The actual spot of the gunfight is marked by a tombstone further down the trail. Here's a good view of the car, if you know the specific model of the car, let me know and I'll update this post! Next we're at wonderland wash, where there's an abandoned brick house that looks out to the desert from a large base of rocks. For the image below, I used part of the wall on right side of the house to illustrate the dinosaur's head and then moved slowly down the neck and across a floor littered with bricks to the other side of the house, ending with the Brachiosaurus tail. One more addition to my Light Fossils collection. Print Options Shortly after illustrating the dinosaur above, a warm glow began to cast from the east. When the moon rose just above the hills, another unique lighting opportunity presented itself. Here is my view through the window of the old brick house: With the moon now highlighting the front of the house and leaving joshua tree shadows on the old ruins, I started another long exposure. For this image I drew in twenty nine eyes looking through the doorway and window. Print Options We end the night with a song by the fireplace. Thanks for viewing! Here's a link to the hike if you'd like to check this place out for yourself! Print Options joshua tree
Alien iphone
Location: Giant Rock - Landers, CA / Settings: (Composite of 3 shots) Light art at F8, ISO 100, 182 seconds. UFO light-stencils at F5.6, ISO 1600, 30 seconds. Stars at F2.8, ISO 6400, 15 seconds. Out by Joshua Tree, CA and close to a strange architectural structure called the intregratron, there's a place called Giant Rock, home to (purportedly) the world's largest free-standing boulder. Reading into this mysterious place will only yield even more mysterious results. Sacred Native American site - check. Former home of George Van Tassel - an aircraft mechanic for Douglas Aircraft, Hughes Aircraft, and Lockheed (Also a UFO convention organizer) - check. Site of a suspected WWII German Spy detonating himself while underneath it with dynamite - check. In light of these connections, my idea for this place was to re-create what may have been George Van Tassel's vision while living under the rock - that an alien from from the planet Venus woke him up, invited him onto a space ship, then verbally and telepathically gave him a technique for rejuvenating the human body. I used light-stencils for my UFO's and a step-ladder to give my alien some extra height - as the giant rock is seven stories tall!  
Desert Nightlife
joshua tree
35mm Light-paintings
Location: Southwestern US Title: Reflecting on a Sad Memory // Location: Joshua Tree, CA Print Options I've recently developed a roll of 35mm which I brought with me on a trip through the Southwestern US and some areas of the California Coast. I often keep a camera loaded with a roll of Portra 400 ISO in my bag and take it out on just the right occasions. It costs a few dollars per image just to get this thing developed and scanned, so I'm a bit conservative when it comes to shooting. Usually, I take the 36 images per roll over a few months and by the time I actually fill it with long exposures, I've forgotten most of what I had captured to begin with. I like the surprise of it all, and you truly have no idea what you've captured for months. It's a very un-attached way of capturing images, and as I've mentioned before, the negatives for film do not lie in the way that digital photographs can (ie: photoshopping). For this roll, it worked out very well. I'll tally this up to beginner's luck due to my first time shooting with the late 70's era Canon A-1 and it's 50mm lens, which produced some interesting reflections with the LED light entering and bouncing out of the camera. Overall, I really like the aesthetic and it brings a more organic feel to the media. The colors seem to seep into other tones and it gives the content another layer of character. Title: Amethyst Dinosaur // Location: Dead Horse Point, UT Print Options For the shot above I mixed it up a bit and used a small Amethyst crystal that we bought at a rock shop in Moab, Utah in place of a color-tip for my Night-Writer. It had some strange and unintended color-effects on the landscape, taking blue hour straight into purple hour! The view at Dead Horse Point close to the entrance to Canyonlands National Park was an incredible backdrop to see in person, inspiring for sure! Title: Endless Grind // Location: Monument Valley, UT Print Options I saw that handrail leading into the valley and couldn't get this image of a skateboarding skeleton grinding it out of my head. The last rays of light were hitting the rail in an interesting way, highlighting the metal edge all the way into the distance through , and kinks. Title: Best Buds // Location: Joshua Tree, CA Print Options Title: Goblin Slayer
Desert Tour in the '78 part III
notice a few scattered Joshua Trees around the Red Rock Canyon State park. Here's our VW Camper Bus
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