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DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/21/14: Apatosaurus is the new Brontosaurus

Location: Mt. Pinos - Frazier Park, CA.

Settings: (2-shot Composite) Light painting at F5, ISO 100, 248 seconds, Stars at F3.5, ISO 6400, 15 second exposure.

Some years back I was explaining a dinosaur fact to a friend when I was rudely interrupted by another person in line for coffee - "You know that the Brontosaurus doesn't exist, right? They constructed the fossil in a haphazard way and it just doesn't go together like that. The actual name of the creature you think you're talking about is an Apatosaurus." - And with those few words from a stranger in line for coffee, a once solid force from my childhood vanished.

galactic apatosaurus

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/20/14: Galactic Rainbow

Location: Mt. Pinos - Frazier Park, CA.

Settings: F3.5, ISO 6400, 15 second exposure - 8 vertical images.

This might be the best spot to get a view of the Milky Way while still being relatively close to Los Angeles. Frazier Park is located about a half hour North of Magic Mountain and the lights of LA are blocked out by many southern mountains, it's worth the trip if you're looking for a bright starry night sky.

galactic rainbow

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/18/14: Golden Gull

Location: Lake Tahoe, NV.

Settings: F9, ISO 100, 1/125 second exposure.

I was trying to just get the reflection of the light here, because it looked so nice. Then came along this intruder who made for a better subject anyway.

golden gull

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/17/14: Beach Runner

Location: Malibu, CA.

Settings: F4.5, ISO 1600, 59 second exposure.

The best places to shoot photos are often the worst places to bring your (expensive and easily damaged) camera gear. Waves crashing and tons of moisture in the air? Yes please. Wet sand, and dry sand? Why not! Dark environments with large rocks to trip over? Now we're talking! Any studio photographer has to think we're idiots.

beach runner

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/16/14: Angelic

Location: Los Angeles, CA.

Settings: F10, ISO 100, 75 second exposure.

City of Angels.


DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/15/14: Solo Joshua Tree

Location: Joshua Tree, CA.

Settings: F13, ISO 100, 1/200th second exposure.

Lonely joshua tree in the middle of the Mojave Desert.

solo tree

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/14/14: Dallas

Location: Dallas, TX.

Settings: F10, ISO 100, 20 second exposure.

"If you don't like the weather in Dallas, wait ten minutes" - that's what they say. It was 90 degrees when we landed the first day, the second day it was perfect in the morning and raining in the evening, the last night we were there, the city was on tornado watch.


DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/13/14: Thunder Lizard

Location: Dallas, TX.

Settings: F8, ISO 100, 190 second exposure.

Under the less famous bridge in Dallas, we encountered large spiders. It was raining - thankfully, not spiders - just regular rain.

thunder lizard

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/10/14: Scorpio's Sting

Location: Badwater Basin - Death Valley, CA.

Settings: F5.6, ISO 100, 123 second exposure.

It's funny that when I go out looking to shoot meteors, I can shoot all night and never get a decent photo of them.. I've done this about five times now and they're never composed well if I get a shot at all.. But when my back is turned, and I am completely involved in light-painting something intricate (like this scorpion) there's suddenly a meteor that streaks by in the sky perfectly centered in the photograph. I had no idea until I went through the pictures days later. I'm not even that happy about it, I wish I saw it with my own eyes! It must have been bright to show up at F5.6! Ok, maybe I'm a little happy about it. Click the image for a slightly larger view.

scorpio's sting

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/9/14: Come at me bro

Location: Sand Dunes - Death Valley, CA.

Settings: F5.6, ISO 100, 69 second exposure.

The light has some anger management issues.

come at me bro

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/8/14: Blood Moon Returns

Location: Los Angeles, CA.

Settings: (Composite of 5 images) F5.6, ISO 3200, .2 second exposures.

I set my alarm for this and when 1:30am rolled around, it was hard to follow-through with my initial plans. I'm glad I did, and it was a beautiful sight to see.

blood moon 2014

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/7/14: Spinosaurus

Location: Zabriskie Point - Death Valley, CA.

Settings: F5.6, ISO 100, 236 second exposure.

This species was a little larger than a T-rex in real life, I'm glad to give it some scale with this historic background. If you pay attention to the star trails, you can see how much the earth rotates in 236 seconds. Click the image for a larger view.


DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/6/14: Tentacle Garden

Location: Badwater Basin - Death Valley, CA.

Settings: F5.6, ISO 100, 319 second exposure.

At the lowest point in North America, things are a bit different. The landscape acts like a huge bowl collecting heat from the sun and the temperature sits around 105 degrees during the day, it's bone-dry. Badwater Basin is mostly cracked earth and salt, the perfect place for an Alien's tentacle-garden.

*Click image for printing options.

alien garden

DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/3/14: Shock down from Above

Location: Anza Borrego, CA.

Settings: F5, ISO 3200, 15 second exposure.

It was time to make moves, we weren't going to camp in these high winds.. But we didn't know where to go just yet, so we waited and watched the passing storm shock down from above for the next thirty minutes. It wasn't long before we had a new plan.

*Click image for printing options.


DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/2/14: Gigantic

Location: General Sherman - Sequoia National Park, CA.

Settings: F4.5, ISO 200, 155 second exposure.

This is a big tree.. Largest tree on Earth as a matter of fact. Consider this, the skeleton is just over 6 feet tall, and the tree it's on is about the same height as the statue of liberty. It was nice to see it without any tourists around, just me and the yogi bears out there.

*Click image for printing options.


DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 10/1/14: Happy Hump-Day

Location: Anza Borrego, CA.

Settings: F8, ISO 3200, 103 second exposure.

After shooting this image, I went back to my car and heard a fast rattling sound while I was loading up. I quickly backed away from the sound and shined a light to see a small rattle-snake coiled up, ready to strike. I'll take this opportunity to say be careful out there in the desert, especially under hot nights like this, it was about 90 degrees when I was shooting. Cold-blooded rattlesnakes love hot nights.

*Click image for printing options.


DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 9/30/14: Palm Springs

Location: Palm Springs, CA.

Settings: F5.6, ISO 100, 137 second exposure.

While I was trying to shoot this image there was a group of people filming a hip-hop video in the scenic overlook parking about 50 yards behind my tripod. Cars, girls, beats, flows - they chose a good spot.

*Click image for printing options.

palm springs


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